Title: Simon Konianski
Runtime: 97'
Genre: Comedy
Direction: Micha Wald
Script: Micha Wald
Year of production: 2009
Status: Released
Countries: Belgium, France, Canada
Production: Versus Production (BE), Haut et Court (FR), Forum Films (FR), Radio Télévision Belge Francophone - RTBF (BE)
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Cast: Jonathan Zaccaï, Popeck, Nassim Ben, Abraham Leber, Irène Herz, Marta Domingo, Ivan Fox, Gustavo Miranda
Synopsis: Simon Konianski knows all about the generation gap. Forced – at age 35 – to move back temporarily to live with his ailing father, Ernest, the two soon become like a French Steptoe & Son, bickering over every aspect of Simon’s under-achieving life: failed relationship, failed career, child out of wedlock with an exotic dancer. But soon Ernest passes away, and Simon, faithfully honouring his last request to be buried in the town of his birth, sets off on a comic family trip to deepest Ukraine in the company of his outrageously eccentric Aunt and Uncle, his six year old son, obsessed with Grandpa’s war stories, and a whole host of unwelcome ghosts from the past, including Ernest himself.
Our services: Filming in Ukraine and Poland.

About the movie

Dir. Micha Wald - BE/FR/CA - 97' - 2.35:1 - Comedy


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