Title: Anatolian Leopard
Runtime: 100'
Genre: Feature
Direction: Emre Kayis
Script: Emre Kayis
Year of production: 2021
Status: Post-production
Countries: Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Poland
Production: Tato Films (UA, Olena Yershova ), Elemag Productions (DE, Tanya Georgieva-Waldauer), Adomeit (DK, Jon Hammer), Donten & Lacroix Films (PL, Maria Blicharska, Monika Sajko-Gradowska)
Support: Tureckie Ministerstwo Kultury, MDM Region, Danish Film Institute, Polish Film Institute, Poznan Film Commission
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Sales: Luxbox
Distribution: Aurora films (PL), ARP Sélection (FR)
Cast: Ugur Polat, Ipek Turktan, Tansu Bicer, Hatice Aslan, Osman Alkas
Synopsis: Fikret (48) is the director of the oldest zoo in the country, which is undergoing transformation: it will be privatized and an amusement park will replace the zoo. The last obstacle to finalize the transaction is the oldest resident of the zoo, an Anatolian leopard, which, as a species threatened with extinction, is legally protected.
Fikret is a man of habit, silent, introspective, exhausted by life. Long divorced, he has lost his idealism and leads a lonely life.
On New Year’s Eve, a bit tipsy and bored by a discussion with an old friend about politics, he ends up at the zoo. He decides to pay a visit to the leopard. He sits down in front of the old fellow and eventually notices that it is dead. Without thinking too much, he decides to hide the body and pretend the leopard has escaped...

About the movie

Dir. Emre Kayis - TR/DE/DK/PL - 100' - 2.39:1 - Feature


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