Title: AGNES
Genres: Animation 
Director: Izabela Bartosik-Burkhardt

Release date : 12 September 2012 
Runtime: 10min
Copyrights: Les Films de L'Arlequin/ Donten&Lacroix Films / WFDiF

During an innocent children's game, blind man's bluff, a six years old Agnes lives a family tragedy. Her mother leaves. The woman opens wardrobe doors in order to take her suitcase. Agnes thinks her mother is looking for a place to hide. But the woman sneaks out from the apartment. There is a men waiting for her outside with another suitcase. Agnes' father, playing "the blind man" does not notice anything. Agnes is scared, she enters the wardrobe and hides there. She closes herself in her inner world far from the reality.

About the movie

"Agnieszka" has been produced by two French companies - Les Film de l'Arlequin and Donten & Lacroix Films as well as Polish film producer - Documentary and Feature Film Production Company (WFDiF)


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